Magic Spell
combined with
Eight Trigram

Section 6.1: Round shape

45 mm

Obv.: Eight Trigrams with characters
Rev.: "May the wrath of the God of Thunder destroy the
devils and send down purity! May bogies be killed
and thus free us from evil influences and keep us
eternally safe! Receive this command from
T'ai Shang Lao Chun (Lao Tzu) and let it be executed
as fast as Lu Ling (the famous runner of the time
of Mu Wang - 10th century B.C.)!"
Ref.: S[XXV No.92]

44 mm

Obv.: ????
Rev.: Top: Eight Trigrams
Bottom: Snake and Turtle, another item with waves
Right: A figure, perhaps a fisherman
Left: ?

View a very similar item but with waves instead of the snake and turtle on Rev: Bottom


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