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The Five Dynasties (907 - 960 a.d.)

Posterior Han Dynasty (947 - 957 a.d.)

Han Yuan

Posterior Chou Dynasty (951 - 960 a.d.)

Chou Yuan

Former Shu Dynasty

T'ung Cheng Yuan

T'ien Han Yuan

Kuang T'ien Yuan

Ch'ien Te Yuan

Hsien K'ang Yuan

Ta Shu

Southern Han Dynasty

Ch'ien Heng Chung

Southern T'ang Dynasty

Yung Ch'uan T'ung

Ta T'ang

T'ang Kuo

T'ang Kuo

K'ai Yuan

Rebel coins

T'ien T'se Fu
Yung Ho


T'ang Dynasty (618 - 907 a.d.)

K'ai Yuan T'ung Pao

Ch'ien Feng Ch'uan Pao

Ch'ien Yuan Chung Pao

T'ang Rebel Coins

Te Yi Yuan Pao

Shun T'ien Yuan Pao


Wu Chu coins (112 - 559 a.d.)

Wu Chu
The Wu-Chu coin was cast by many rulers form the First Century B.C. to the Sixth Century A.D. They are very hard to date as they bear no reign titles. Many of the dynasties below feature Wu Chu coins but for the purpose of this web page I have only one section for them.


Sui Dynasty (589 - 618 a.d.)

P'ing Tang Wu Chu


Division into North and South

Northern Chou Dynasty (357 - 589 a.d.)

Wu Hsing Ta Pu

Yung T'ung Wan Kuo

Ch'en Dynasty (557 - 589 a.d.)

T'ai Huo L'iu Chu

Northern Ch'i Dynasty (550 - 589 a.d.)

Ch'ang P'ing Wu Chu

Northern Wu Dynasty (336 - 535 a.d.)

T'ai Ho Wu Chu

T'ai Ho Wu Chu

Yung An Wu Chu

Liang Dynasty (502 - 559 a.d.)

Wu Chu "matched"

Ta ChiWu Chu

Sung Dynasty (420 - 479 a.d.)

Ssu Chu

Hsiao Ch'ien

Ching Ho


Wester Chin Dynasty (265 - 317 a.d.)
Eastern Chin Dynasty (317 - 420 a.d.)

Feng Huo

Han Hsing

Han Hsing


The Three Kingdoms (221 - 265 a.d.)

Chih Pai Wu Chu

Chih Pai

Chih Pai

Ta Ch'uan Wu Pai

Ta Ch'uan Wu Pai

Ta Ch'uan Tang Ch'ien

T'ai P'ing Pai Ch'ien

T'ai P'ing Pai Ch'ien


Wang Mang Interregnum (9 - 24 a.d.)

Ch'i Tao Wu Pai

Ch'i Tao

Yih Tao, P'ing Wu Chien

Ta Ch'uan Wu Shih

Ta Ch'uan Shih Wu

Yao Ch'uan Yi Shih

Yu Ch'uan Erh Shih

Chung Ch'uan San Shih

Chuang Ch'uan Ssu Shih

Huo Ch'uan

Pu Ch'uan

Ta Pu Huang Ch'ien

Huo Pu


Ch'in Dynasty (b.c. 255 - 206)
Western Han Dynasty (b.c. 206 - 25 a.d.)

Pan Liang

San Chu


Chou Dynasty (b.c. 1112 - 255)
Ancient round money (from around 950 b.c.)

Pao Huo

Pao Huo

Pao Ssu Huo

Pao Liu Huo

Pao Liu Huo



Ming Tao

Yi Tao


Chou Dynasty (b.c. 1112 - 255)

Ancient Pu Money

Pu Money

Spade Money

Knife Money (large size)

Knife Money (small size)

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