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Experts - All my coins are now classified below.

Ch'ing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 a.d.)

Abkai fulingga han jiha
T'ien Ming
Shun Chih (10 coins pictured)
Kang Hsi (3 coins) Kang Hsi Poem Coins (18 coins pictured)
Yung Cheng (4 coins pictured)
Chien Lung (12 coins pictured)
Chia Ching (3 coins pictured)
Tao Kuang (6 coins plus variations pictured)
Hsien Feng (34 coins plus variations pictured)
T'ung Chih (4 coins plus variations pictured)
Kuang Hsu (10 coins plus variations pictured)
Hsuan T'ung

The T'ai P'ing Rebels (1812 - 1864 a.d.)

T'ai P'ing Sheng Pao
T'ai P'ing T'ien Kuo
Tien Kuo
T'ai P'ing
Huang Ti

Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 a.d.)

Ta Chung (1 coin pictured)
Hung Wu (4 coins pictured)
Chien Wen
Yung Lo (2 coins pictured)
Hung Hsi
Hsuan Te
Cheng Tung
Ching Tai
Tien Shun
Cheng Hua
Hung Chih
Cheng Te
Chia Ching (1 coin pictured)
Lung Ching
Wan Li (2 coins pictured)
Tai Chang
Tai Chang
Tien Chi (3 coins pictured)
Chung Chen (5 coins pictured)

The Ming Rebels (1644 - 1678 a.d.)

Ta Ming
Hung Kuang (1 coin pictured)
Lung Wu (1 coin pictured)
Yung Li
Yung Chang
Ta Shun
Hsing Chao (1 coin pictured)
Li Yung (1 coin pictured)
Chao Wu (2 coins pictured)
Hung Hua (1 coin pictured)
Yu Min

Yuan Dynasty (1280 - 1368 a.d.)

Ta Te
Chih Ta
Ta Yuan
Huang Ching
Chih Yuan
Chih Cheng

The Yuan Rebels

Lung Feng
T'ien Ch'i
Ta I
T'ien Ting
T'ien Yu

Chin Dynasty (1115 - 1260 a.d.)

Cheng Lung (1 coin pictured)
Ta Ting
T'ai Ho

Western Hsia Dynasty (982 - 1227 a.d.)

T'ien Sheng
Ch'ien Yu
Huang Chien
Kuang Ting

The pretender Liu Yu of Ch'i (1130 - 1137 a.d.)

Fu Ch'ang

Liao Dynasty (907 - 1125 a.d.)

T'ien Tsan
Ch'ung Hsi
Ch'ing Ning
Hsien Yung
Ta K'ang
Ta An
Shou Ch'ang
Ch'ien T'ung
T'ien Ch'ing

Southern Sung Dynasty (1115 - 1260 a.d.)

Chien Yen
Shao Hsing Yuan (1 coin pictured)
Shao Hsing (1 coin pictured)
Lung Hsing Yuan
Ch'ien Tao Yuan
Shun Hsi Yuan (2 coin pictured)
Shun Hsi
Shao Hsi Yuan (1 coin pictured)
Ch'ing Yuan (1 coin pictured)
Ch'ing Yuan Yuan
Chia Tai (1 coin pictured)
Chia Tai Yuan
Kai Hsi
Kai Hsi Yuan
Sheng Sung Chung
Chia Ting
Chia Ting Yuan
Chia Ting Chen
Chia Ting Cheng
Chia Ting Chih
Chia Ting Hsin
Chia Ting Wan
Chia Ting Yung
Ta Sung Yuan
Shao Ting (1 coin pictured)
Tuan P'ing Yuan
Tuan P'ing
Tuan P'ing Yuan
Chia Hsi
Chia Hsi Chung
Shun Yu Yuan
Hunang Sung Yuan
K'ai Ch'ing
Ching Ting Yuan
Hsien Shun Yuan
Copper Tallies

Northern Sung Dynasty (1115 - 1260 a.d.)

Sung Yuan
T'ai Ping (1 coin pictured)
Shun Hua Yuan (4 coins pictured)
Chih Tao Yuan (1 coin pictured)
Hsien P'ing Yuan (1 coin pictured)
Ching Te Yuan (1 coin pictured)
Hsiang Fu (1 coin pictured)
Hsiang Fu Yuan (1 coin pictured)
T'ien Hsi
T'ien Sheng Yuan (2 coins pictured)
Ming Tao Yuan
Ching Yu Yuan
Huang Sung (5 coins pictured)
K'ang T'ing Yuan
Huang Yu Yuan (1 coin pictured)
Chih Ho Yuan
Chia Yu Yuan
Chia Yu
Chih P'ing Yuan (2 coins pictured)
Chih P'ing
Hsi Ning Yuan (3 coins pictured)
Hsi Ning Chung (2 coins pictured)
Yuan Feng (6 coins pictured)
Yuan Yu (3 coins pictured)
Shao Sheng Yuan (2 coins pictured)
Yuan Fu (1 coin pictured)
Sheng Sung Yuan (1 coin pictured)
Ch'ung Ning (2 coins pictured)
Ta Kuan (2 coins pictured)
Cheng Ho (3 coins pictured)
Chung Ho
Hsuan Ho (7 coins pictured)
Hsuan Ho Yuan
Ching K'ang
Ching K'ang

The Five Dynasties (907 - 960 a.d.)

Posterior Han (947 - 951 a.d.)
Han Yuan

Posterior Chou (951 - 960 a.d.)
Chou Yuan

The Former Shu State
T'ung Cheng
T'ien Han
Kuang T'ien (1 coin pictured)
Ch'ien Te
Hsien K'ang
Ta Shu

The Southern Han
Ch'ien Heng

Southern Tang
Yung T'ung
Ta T'ang
T'ang Kuo (1 coin pictured)
K'ai Yuan

Rebel Coins

Ma Yin, Prince of Ch'u (930 a.d.)
T'ien Ts'e fu
Ch'ien Feng (1 coin pictured)
Ch'ien Yuan (2 coins pictured)
Yung Ho

T'ang Dynasty (618 - 907 a.d.)

K'ai Yuan (7 coins pictured)
Ch'ien Feng
Ch'ien Yuan
K'ai Yuan

T'ang Rebel Coins
Te Yi
Shun T'ien

Wu Chu coins

Wu Chu varieties
Also see Wu Chu Charms

Sui Dynasty (589 - 618 a.d.)

Wu Chu
P'ing Tang

Division into North and South

Sung Dynasty (420 - 479 a.d.)
Ssu Chu
Wu Chu
Hsiao Chien
Ching Ho

Liang Dynasty
Wu Chu
Ta Chi Wu Chu

Northern Wei Dynasty (386 - 550 a.d.)
T'ai Ho Wu Chu
Yung An Wu Chu

Northern Ch'i Dynasty (550 - 577 a.d.)
Ch'ang P'ing Wu Chu (1 coin pictured)

Ch'en Dynasty (557 589 a.d.)
T'ai Huo Liu Chu

Northern Chou Dynasty (557 - 581 a.d.)
Pu Ch'uan
Wu Hsing Ta Pu
Yung T'ung Wan Kuo

The Western (265 - 317 a.d.) and Eastern (317 - 420 a.d.) Chin Dynasty

Wu Chu

Rebel Coins
Feng Huo
Han Hsing

The Three Kingdoms

The Minor Han Dynasty (221 -265 a.d.)
Chih Pai Wu Chu

The Wu Dynasty (229 - 265 a.d.)
Ta Ch'uan Wu Pai
Ta Chuan Tang Ch'ien
T'ai P'ing Pai Ch'ien

Eastern Han Dynasty (25 - 221 a.d.)

Wu Chu

Wang Mang Interregnum (7 - 22 a.d.)

Ch'i Tao Wu Pai
Ch'i Tao
Yih Tao - P'ing Wu Chien
Ta Ch'uan Wu Shih (2 coins pictured)
Ta Ch'uan Shih Wu
Hsiao Ch'uan Chih Yi
Yao Ch'uan Yi Shih
Yu Ch'uan Erh Shih
Chung Ch'uan San Shih
Chuang Ch'uan Ssu Shih
Ta Pu Huang Ch'ien
Huo Pu
Huo Ch'uan (4 coins pictured)
Pu Ch'uan
Wu Chu

Western Han Dynasty (206 b.c. - 25 a.d.)

Pan Liang
San Chu
Wu Chu

Ch'in Dynasty (255 - 206 b.c.)

Pan Liang
Ti Shih Pan Liang

Chou Dynasty (pre 255 b.c.)

Ancient Pu Money
Pu Money
Spade Money
Knife Money
Pao Huo
Pao Ssu Huo
Pao Liu Huo
Ming Tao
Yi Tao

Novices - If you are new to Chinese coins then try some of these pages:

1) Beginners Guide - tells you how to read ancient Chinese coins.

2) Coin Identification Page - you should see an image of your coin here. Click on it to find out more. You may wish to print this section of the web site and come back here to use the links to the left.

Mintmarks page - Some coins have mintmarks on their reverse (Ch'ing Dynasty coins) which state where they were made. You can print this page to keep as a permanent record.

4) Identify Multiple Cash Coins - If your coin is large and has four characters on both sides you might see it here.

5) Some common coins are pictured bellow. Click on the image (if active) to find out more about the coin. (still to do)


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