Ta Kuan T'ung Pao

Section 1.29: "Charms with coin inscriptions: Ta Kuan T'ung Pao"

Ta Kuan T'ung Pao

Dynasty: Nothern Sung (960-1127 a.d.)
Emperor: Hui Tsung (1101-1125 a.d.)
Years title: Ta Kuan - Coinage of Visible Greatness (1107-1110 a.d.)

45 mm x 25 mm, unusual shape
Obv. Top - Ta T'ung
Bottom - Kuan Pao
Rev. Top: 3 points(stars)
Bottom: 6 points
Ref.: [M] 1.29.3

89 mm and 93 mm

Obv. Ta Kuan T'ung Pao
Rev. Right: circle (sun); Also a version with a beetle on the sun
Left: Moon
Two serpents around central square hole
Ref.: [M] 1.29.27, 90 mm

118 mm
Japanese origin: The style of the characters differs from the Chinese

Obv. Ta Kuan T'ung Pao
Rev. Top: circle (sun) with flame
Bottom: Moon
Ref.: [M] 1.29.32, 118 mm

in the following diameters: 100 mm, 101.5 mm, 113 mm, 114 mm, 115 mm, 122 mm

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Obv. Ta Kuan T'ung Pao
Rev. Right: circle (sun)
Left: Moon
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