Chinese coins
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Ch'ing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 a.d.)

Abkai Fulingga Han Jiha
T'ien Ming

Shun Chih
K'ang Hsi
Yung Cheng

Chien Lung
Chia Ch'ing

Tao Kuang
Hsien Feng
T'ung Chih

Kuang Hsu


The T'ai P'ing Rebels (1812 - 1864 a.d.)

T'ai P'ing Sheng Pao

T'ai Ping T'ien Kuo

Sheng Pao

T'ai Ping

Huang Ti


Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 a.d.)

Ta Chung

Hung Wu

Chien Wen

Yung Lo

Hung Hsi

Hsuan Te

Cheng Tung

Ching Tai

Tien Shun

Cheng Hua

Hung Chih

Cheng Te

Chia Ching

Lung Ching

Wan Li

Tai Chang

Tai Chang

Tien Chi

Chung Chen


Ming Rebels (1644 - 1678 a.d.)

Ta Ming

Hung Kuang

Lung Wu

Yung Li

Yung Li

Yung Li

Yung Li

Yung Chang

Ta Shun

Hsing Chao

Li Yung

Chao Wu

Chao Wu

Hung Hua
Yu Min


Yuan Dynasty (1280 - 1368 a.d.)

Ta Te

Chih Ta

Ta Yuan

Huang Ching

Chih Yuan

Chih Cheng

Chih Cheng coins are generally quite large and have characters on the reverse.



Yuan Rebels

Lung Feng

T'ien Ch'i
Very similar to T'ien Ch'i coins of the Ming Dynasty but note the slight difference in the bottom character. Here the left part of the character that looks a P is joined to the stroke - above it. The more common Ming coin has no join in the strokes. There is also a smaller version of this coin.

Ta I

T'ien Ting

T'ien Yu


Chin Dynasty (1115 - 1260 a.d.)

Cheng Lung

Ta Ting

T'ai Ho


Western Hsia Dynasty (982 - 1227 a.d.)

T'ien Sheng

Ch'ien Yu

Huang Chien

Kuang Ting


The Pretender Liu Yu of Ch'i

Fu Ch'ang

Fu Ch'ang


Liao Dynasty (907 - 1125 a.d.)

T'ien Tsan

Ch'ung Hsi

Ch'ing Ning

Hsien Yung

Ta K'ang

Ta K'ang

Ta An

Shou Ch'ang

Ch'ien T'ung

T'ien Ch'ing

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